About Me


I love to learn new things and I’m passionate about sharing the knowledge I possess. I’m on a journey to teach myself how to master new designs. As I create I want to share my knowledge. I feel that I am at my best when I’m creating. My hope is to inspire and encourage someone to try something new, to spark a passion you may not known existed.

My life’s purpose is to educate and to teach. I’m an elementary school teacher, Zumba instructor and spoken word artist. Everything I do is about educating myself so that I can use my knowledge to empower others.

I started sewing right after I graduated from college. I had little money for Christmas gifts, but I wanted to make something for my niece. I went on Youtube and found some videos on how to make bow ties. I compiled all the knowledge I gained from watching the videos and generated my own method for constructing bow ties. From there I began watching more videos to learn all the sewing language and terms. Soon I began to want to make pieces that I couldn’t find a tutorial for; this inspired me to get creative and through trial and error I began to produce beautiful pieces. Through my blog and social media outlets I want to share how I made my successful pieces and empower others to Sew. Stitch. Slay.